Working from home successfully with EIM

nscale enables secure, efficient and productive remote working with EIM.

Working from home is becoming more and more important

As digitalisation progresses, companies are coming under ever greater pressure to develop concepts for working from home. But complex processes involving numerous people and extensive documents present a particular challenge. Decentralised, flexible working will only be a success for your company if all the information in your organisation is managed centrally and authorised employees can access it from anywhere, at any time. Structured digital information management like nscale offers exactly that: fast, efficient and user-friendly access to all information as the basis for working from home, including email communication, conference calls and web meetings. In an ideal scenario, it even works on all the different clients – mobile, web-based, in the office, cockpit clients or even private end devices – where this is permitted and desired.

Professional EIM supports working from home

As your company’s central information base, an EIM like nscale collects and organises all your company’s documents. nscale covers every task – from recording to managing, storing and retaining the information, to making it available for the relevant processes. All authorised employees can access the documents they need from anywhere at any time, allowing them to work from home efficiently. Reliable permission systems and professional security settings ensure that all your company data remains secure at all times even in this decentralised structure, and your data protection and compliance regulations are always adhered to. The right EIM also forms the ideal technical foundation for productive collaboration between multiple employees and teams spread across different offices and at home.

Work on all devices

nscale makes working from home the new normal

As well as providing a central information base for your company, the enterprise information management system also provides the ideal foundation for professional workflow management. Especially in companies with a lot of working from home, coordinated processes and automated working procedures help to ensure that all employees can always keep track of all the relevant information and can easily discuss and coordinate with their colleagues. Teamwork across different sites becomes child’s play. Digital modelling of working steps and approval processes ensures that processes run smoothly and efficiently. Working from home becomes the new normal. In addition, motivated teams working flexibly are productive and committed to playing their part in the company’s success.





Your benefits at a glance

  • Central data storage for decentralised working
  • Fast access to relevant information from anywhere
  • Adherence to statutory, organisational and compliance regulations
  • Digital encryption protects against loss of data and information and unauthorised access
  • Reliable backups for easier restoration
  • Automation of document-related processes
  • Use of different clients depending on company and user requirements

Go digital. Get ahead.

Be ready for the future: new generations see the option of remote working as a must. Recent studies show that 83% of millennials feel “burnt out” by their current job.

By 2028, 73% of departments will have staff working from home. When the millennials rise up the hierarchy, the current system will be completely overhauled and improved.