Handling data and files professionally.

nscale helps store information in a structured way with digital files.

Implementing secure, efficient and budget-friendly digitalisation.

Having worked with paper files and printed documents for decades, more and more organisations are now switching to digital information processing. But this transformation also means that established processes need to be rethought and new forms of behaviour learned. A lot of thought needs to be put in to how to deal with digital data and files professionally, in order to avoid any risk in terms of data protection, time or budget. The enterprise information management system nscale helps your company get into a forward-looking position for the long term, while handling digital information in a secure, efficient and budget-friendly way.

Enterprise information management as a central information platform

nscale brings together structured information, unstructured documents and the associated business applications for you. As a result, you can successfully manage and organise information within your organisation in a holistic, structured way. In addition, nscale offers tools for communication, collaboration and process organisation. You can manage and tap into all the information you need centrally, regardless of its type and form. A company-wide view like this, including workflows, is the ideal basis for dealing professionally with all data and files in your company.

Access rights

Professional rights management means that only authorised users have access to the information and files relevant to them.

Digital files

With well-structured digital personnel, supplier and customer files, employees can find all the relevant documents and information for every process at all times.


To aid classification, the database saves relevant metadata on customers, projects, personnel etc. in a kind of master data list.

Search functions

Intelligent search functions and a comprehensive full text search help users to find the information they need quickly.

Adherence to GDPR

Audit-proof digital files make it easier for companies to adhere to the GDPR, including the associated retention and erasure provisions.

nscale saves time, is budget-friendly and ensures data security

On average, employees spend 110 hours every year searching for information. Another 30-40 percent of their working hours go on manual document storage. That is how much time-saving potential an enterprise information management offers. Immediate access to all process-relevant information enables efficient workflows that benefit your entire organisation. Integrating collaboration tools also creates opportunities for more flexible cooperation and team coordination because it is much easier to exchange and share documents. This also includes effective and secure management of permissions, without compromising information security. The resulting acceleration of document-centric processes saves both time and money, making manual document storage a thing of the past. nscale creates comprehensive transparency that prevents the loss of data and ensures the necessary security.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Transparency with central data and file storage
  • Structuring of disordered information
  • Security and adherence to compliance regulations
  • Management of all data and information in one place
  • Integration of leading applications
  • Agile collaboration opportunities