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Our flexible software solution for 360-degree management of your business.

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Stay flexible at all times and tailor our solution to your requirements.

Stay flexible at all times and tailor our solution to your requirements.

A shared information platform for continuous business processes

Everyday business involves numerous departments, which often act separately from one another. Connecting all these fields and creating a universal flow of data brings added value in myriad ways. nscale Smart Business Solution (SBS) provides a shared information platform that allows independent solution packages for individual departments to be connected.
From sales and procurement to contract management, no department can survive without information from others. Orders, for example, are often based on requirements resulting from customer projects. A contract with a supplier can only be managed with information on the most recent orders. Yet data silos often prevent information from flowing freely. nscale SBS offers a shared information platform that makes it possible to manage data, information and documents.
In order to meet the needs of every field and support the requirements of all employees in the best possible way, nscale SBS offers six independent solution packages: the nscale smart apps. When combined, they cover every aspect of everyday business.

Managing sales with nscale smart SD

So many fields, one shared information platform: nscale Smart Business Solution (SBS) helps companies to manage almost every field of everyday business. The six nscale smart apps provide independent solution packages tailored to specific specialist fields – from sales and procurement to human resources.

One of these apps is nscale smart SD (Sales & Distribution), the solution for sales. It stores all business-related information in sales centrally and in a structured way through the creation of customer and project files. In combination with the nscale smart CM (Contract Management) and nscale smart PM (Procurement) apps, customer projects can be mapped completely and effectively.

Focus on project forecasts

Good customer contact with professional support is absolutely essential for successful sales work – and demands central access to all key information. nscale smart SD offers
the customer file for this very purpose. Its file cover shows master data on the respective customer, such as contact details, contact persons and conditions. To ensure that the sales process is planned in the best way possible, business estimates and project forecasts can also be noted in dedicated fields, so that employees can see at a glance
which measures need to be taken in the near future and can react accordingly.

Homogeneous function extension

When a customer file is created, nscale smart SD automatically generates a predefined structure. This enables information on projects, correspondence and internal documents, for example, to be stored in an available folder right from the word go. Appropriate receipt types are assigned to it, making it easy to attribute keywords to the documents as they are stored. Combining with
nscale smart CM also makes it possible to add a contract file to the customer file, while using nscale smart PM enables links to customer projects and the supplier orders. These function extensions make an even more structured sales process possible.

Appointment overview in human resources calendar

Reliability and adherence to deadlines are crucial to a successful customer relationship. In order to keep track of ongoing projects, the customer file in nscale smart SD includes a human resources calendar. Its reminder functions and the option of applying the start and end date of projects
from the file make missed deadlines a thing of the past. In combination with nscale smart CM, all appointments and deadlines connected to the contract can also be applied. A complete list is shown in a separate tab.

No more leafing through endless files

Be it checking the status of a project or dealing with a complaint, every employee in the sales department needs all the information at their fingertips. nscale smart SD ensures this with various search functions, making information available in seconds – including a full text search and filtering by document type, folder type or keyword information. A predefined hit list for all
documents connected to a customer, or all projects with complaints, is shown on a separate tab.

Data protection at its best

To ensure that all sales employees have access to the same information and can support customers in the best possible way, customer files are stored centrally. Yet data security still needs to be maintained. That is why nscale smart SD has a predefined permission and role concept, allowing an exclusive read permission to be assigned alongside roles such as specialist administrator, manager and user. Access can be limited internally, or employees outside the sales department can be assigned
permissions to view files. Where further roles are needed, the additional module nscale smart SD Permissions is also available. It offers the option of assigning read or write permissions for individual folder classes, allowing very precise differentiation and ensuring adherence to data protection.

nscale mini apps for structural tasks

Alongside the smart apps, the nscale mini apps offer universal features that are not assigned to any specific field of business.

The following are available:

  • nscale Calender
  • nscale Contacts
  • nscale Documents
  • nscale Templates

This gives nscale SBS its own appointment and contract management. A reminder function makes missed deadlines a thing of the past. Importing business cards from MS Outlook means that you always know who the current contact person is and how to get in touch. nscale Documents makes it possible to create and use free structures. nscale Control List (NCL) can also be added to the mini app, offering the option of assigning more detailed and precise access permissions for individual folders or documents, so that all data is protected against unauthorised access yet still available to the relevant staff. This is done by quickly and easily adding NCL permissions to existing roles. nscale Templates offers a particular advantage: it contains templates and text blocks that can be used at any time in all smart apps. With easy installation and intuitive user guidance, nscale SBS allows a functional overall system for all business processes to be created in no time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Full interconnection of all business processes
  • Continuous process documentation
  • Extensive research options
  • Comprehensive deadline and contact management
  • Intuitive user guidance
nscale Explorer Client in Anwendung auf einem Laptop
Workflow Management mit dem nscale Webclient

The highlight functions

  • Clearly defined, hierarchical structures
  • Use of document templates
  • Information always fully up to date
  • Ad-hoc workflows