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Our electronic records solution is especially adaptable, allowing it to meet the needs of public administration at all times.

Our electronic records solution is especially adaptable, allowing it to meet the needs of public administration at all times.

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Improving trust and citizen accessibility to public administration services.

In the future, public administration services will have to be transparent, connected and efficient. This poses a variety of challenges to public authorities, such as regulatory compliance, the need for integrated information flows without interruptions due to system incompatibilities, and also demographic change. As a result, the public sector has no option but to modernise.

A world without paper mountains, filing cabinets and tickets.

The key to modernising the public services sector and successfully transitioning into the digital future is the digitalisation of communications and services. Yet many local authorities still use paper files, and many public institutions are light years away from completely digitalised public administration services.

Many systems, tougher requirements – fewer staff.

An increasing number of statutory regulations, growing demand for digital services, an ageing workforce and a shortage of skilled staff are just some of the challenges facing public administrations. The enormous variety of IT systems used also complicates processes and impairs efficiency in the digital transformation process.

Using innovative technologies.

To meet the challenges of an increasingly digital society and world of work, it is necessary to exploit the full potential of IT resources. Fast and seamless administrative processes provide greater efficiency and allow citizens to access services in a user-friendly way – essential for the successful transformation of government authorities. With nscale eGov, we offer a state-of-the-art digital solution developed especially for the public administration sector.

Digital revolution – new challenges.

Digitalisation means connecting all areas of business and society. To achieve this digital transformation, central points of contact such as government agencies have to redefine and digitalise their communications, processes and services. The modernisation of public administrations can be a success if they roll out digital solutions that are both user friendly and legally compliant.

The age of desks piled high with files is over.

Searching for information is frustrating and time consuming. Dockets and manually administered paper files are extremely inefficient. In future, all government agencies will be required to offer their services online – but the existence of so many different IT systems prevents the smooth flow of information and impedes administrative processes.

Modern, web-based and easy to use: nscale eGov.

Our nscale eGov application helps you to overcome these challenges with ease. Specially developed for public administration, the application is based on the stable nscale information platform and perfectly meets the needs of the three main areas of public administration.

Case and process management

Post room

Record management

Your benefits at a glance

  • Elimination of information silos
  • Regulatory compliance (TR-RESISCAN)
  • Central and legally watertight archiving (TR-ESOR)
  • Seamless integration into administrative processes
  • Linking to external information channels
  • Multi-site and seamless functionality
  • Record and process management
  • Workflow transparency
  • Simply structured role and rights concept
  • Barrier-free accessibility