The digital solution for managing your incoming channels.

Laptop, auf dem die Software der digitalen E-Akte "nscale eGov" zu sehen ist.

With nscale, you can keep track of all incoming channels at all times, however high the stress level.

With nscale, you can keep track of all incoming channels at all times, however high the stress level.

A chaotic inbox is very frustrating.

Information and documents enter your company via various channels. Many invoices and contracts still arrive on paper, in the post. Most companies already communicate digitally, but even then, inboxes are swamped by different media and channels such as email, Dropbox, messenger services and internal messaging systems.

As a result, you constantly have to switch between these different locations and programs in an attempt to keep track of all the information yourself.

But there is a structured and automated alternative.

With our digital input management solution, all of your incoming mail is digitalised, classified and stored centrally. All documents and information are then distributed to the right place and the right people within the company.

Our solution brings together and digitalises all your incoming channels – from letters and emails to multi-functional devices.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Gathering of structured and unstructured data and documents from different sources
  • Central inbox rather than individual inbox folders
  • Permissions concept with pre-defined roles
  • Reduced costs for manual inbox processing
  • Fast distribution to all sites and recipients
  • No long lead times
  • Transparency and security through clear responsibilities and documentation
  • Overview of all incoming information and documents
nscale Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung Cockpit Client
nscale Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung in Anwendung im Webclient

Key features

  • Automated data extraction
  • Standardised processing of all input channels (omnichannel)
  • Easy inbox processing
  • Automatic assignment of incoming data and documents
  • Automated initiation of workflows (invoice receipt, orders)
  • Standard online application