Functions are key.

But the benefits that people derive from them are even more important.

In a world of functions, we provide a universe.

Our nscale information platform is an open and innovative enterprise information management system. We want to give you an idea of how extensive and varied the functions offered by this system are. But this is just a selection.

6 components of the nscale information platform

nscale is all about managing documents and information efficiently. We have grouped the software functions and features into the six components that every enterprise information management system should have.

1. Input management
Information relevant to your business is captured digitally from all incoming channels.
1. Input management
2. Document management
A document management system allows you to manage your documents centrally and use them from anywhere.
2. Document management
3. Processes
You can initiate and digitally manage your business processes with workflows.
3. Processes
4. Collaboration
Collaborate easily with your team anywhere, at any time.
4. Collaboration
5. Output management
All your documents, information and processes are distributed and made available to the right people.
5. Output management
6. Archiving
Archive your documents and information with a single click – digital and audit-proof.
6. Archiving

Input management

When information is received (including input management), both structured and unstructured data is captured digitally from various sources. Unstructured data is information that cannot be immediately identified, e.g. presentations, videos and audio files. Structured data has a standard, readable format and can be stored in a database based on rows and columns, e.g. invoices.

Capturing and input management uses techniques such as scanning, imaging, OCR, bar codes, ICR and full text searches. The term ‘input management’ refers to the process of obtaining digital content from documents that are provided in paper form, whereas the process of converting the data from paper to digital format is called ‘capturing’. The main advantage is that incoming information is classified and extracted automatically.

Administrator functions

With our administrator functions, you can easily adapt the software to your specific requirements yourself.

Administration and monitoring

nscale provides technical and specialist administrators with an intuitive, self-explanatory and, most importantly, central configuration interface. System monitoring and maintenance are also important features in addition to the central configuration capability. We provide the following admin components:

nscale Administrator

The nscale system is managed in a standard application: nscale Administrator. Here are some of the configuration options it provides:

nscale Monitoring Console

nscale Monitoring Console is part of the nscale information platform and is used for central monitoring of the nscale infrastructure. The main function of the nscale Monitoring Console is the central monitoring of the nscale systems.

But there's much more to it than that. Still looking for a specific function or feature? Get in touch.

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