Use the information from your emails effectively.

nscale helps you keep on top of things – however many emails your team receives.

nscale helps you keep on top of things – however many emails your team receives.

In the flood of emails, key information can get lost.

Emails not only contain important business correspondence, but also information from discussions and agreements – a huge collection of knowledge that often goes untapped because

  • the emails are unstructured and in the wrong place,
  • attachments are saved and worked on locally,
  • responsibilities are not clearly defined,
  • there is no option for standardised workflows,
  • it is not possible for multiple users to work on the information together.

You can make better use of the enormous information potential your emails offer.

Email management. Our digital solution for better performance and increased efficiency.

Optimum, effective management of your emails extends from automatic, server-side storage to value-adding integration of email content in your business processes. After all, only there can information prove its value.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Audit-proof email archiving
  • All information in one place / structured storage
  • Quick and easy email search
  • Simple integration into existing IT systems
  • Joint processing of information (collaboration)
  • Integration of information into existing business processes

Key features

  • Quick and easy integration into email system
  • Send and initiate workflows
  • Restore archived emails
  • Save attachments – with or without the email
  • Archive other objects, e.g. appointments
  • Automatic generation of PDF/A and PDF documents