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Step by step for smooth-running processes

Poorly coordinated tasks, flawed handover interfaces, inadequate processes – at many companies, it all leads to unnecessary costs, wasted working time and dissatisfied teams. Yet all it takes to create smooth-running processes that produce fewer errors and relieve pressure on your organisation, is a combination of professional workflow management and your digital files. Structured, centrally managed information and well-thought-out processes work perfectly together, increasing efficiency and productivity in almost every area of the company. You save money and your staff can breathe easy.

A practical example of workflow management with nscale

In practice, the easiest place to see the value of good workflow management is in invoice processing – still a paper-based process in many companies Delayed processes, high error rates, missed payment deadlines and the danger of lost documents is the result. nscale allows invoice processing to be modelled digitally in four simple steps:

Invoice receipt
Invoice receipt via post, fax or email, followed by initiation of the workflow
Invoice receipt
Automatic detection of the key information
Automatic detection of the key information from the digital or scanned invoice and assignment of the document to the right electronic supplier records or order file. Automatic notification of the employee responsible
Automatic detection of the key information
Initiation of approval process
Sachliche Rechnungsprüfung und Anstoßen des Freigabeprozesses mit automatischer Weitergabe des Dokuments an den jeweils verantwortlichen Mitarbeiter bis zur finalen Freizeichnung.
Initiation of approval process
Transfer to ERP system
Transfer of the invoice into the company’s ERP system to initiate the payment process and automatic execution of the payment.
Transfer to ERP system

With nscale, workflows are organised quickly and flexibly.

Ad-hoc workflows

The floating file, an ad-hoc workflow, allows you to easily create your own approval workflows for use by individual departments or the entire organisation. Specialist administrators can provide different approvals for protocols, invoices, work instructions etc. for users to use. Key advantage: you work with all resources in nscale.

If the workflow begins with the protocol, every authorised user can edit the protocol directly and every participant in the workflow has access to the latest version. Protocols no longer languish in local folders or the user’s inbox. Another benefit is that all other information – appointments, invoices, purchase orders, contacts – are linked to the document in a structured file and can be viewed directly at the click of a mouse.

Automated processes

As well as the simple workflow that can be used by any employee, you can also pick the nscale Process Designer for rule-based processes and BPM. It allows you to create individual document-based and document-independent workflows. The nscale workflow takes care of automating all kinds of business processes. All business-critical processes benefit from uniform process control, such as the management of incoming mail and invoices. When designing workflows, nscale Process Designer offers enormous flexibility in modelling dynamic requirement situations. You can use nscale workflows in any client and on any end device. You can use nscale workflows in any client and on any end device.

nscale supports you in implementing optimum workflow management

Probably the most convincing argument in favour of using a workflow management tool is the enormous amount of time saved by digitalising processes – resulting in fewer manual tasks for teams, reduced error rates, potential savings by meeting payment deadlines, and much more. Combining structured files with workflow management creates a comprehensive solution that has all the documents and information needed during a process ready at all times. Notification and reminder functions also ensure that the working process runs quickly and the current status is always transparent. Your workflows keep moving all the time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Greater efficiency thanks to structured working processes and reduced lead times
  • Cost savings and error reduction thanks to the elimination of manual processing steps
  • Adherence to the applicable statutory provisions and compliance regulations
  • Fewer time-consuming routine tasks for staff
  • Centralisation brings clarity on processing status and storage locations
  • Enhanced information provision

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