Secure archiving in the cloud.

Flexible and scalable: combining nscale with S3 storage.

Handling the mass of data with S3 storage

The amount of data and documents received by companies every day is massive – and growing all the time. The cloud promises a high level of flexibility and, above all, the kind of unlimited storage capacity that is not possible on premise. At the same time, legal specifications for archiving are increasing. Compliance specifications that demand the setting of retention and deletion periods have to be followed, even in the cloud.. No problem with nscale: modern technologies like S3 storage (simple storage service) can be connected to the nscale server storage layer in our EIM system via a uniform interface. As a result, all the functions of the server storage layer can also be used in the cloud. All leading S3 storage can be supported thanks to our own connection.

High availability, low costs

Connecting S3 storage to the EIM system used paves the way for secure archiving in the cloud. S3 is an object store that is available worldwide and allows any quantity of data to be stored and accessed – with high performance and high availability. Its unlimited scalability offers a high level of flexibility. There are also cost benefits because the storage is billed based on usage, i.e. access figures. Companies only pay for what they really need.

Synergies for true added value

The cloud offers a myriad of benefits in archiving. Yet without a powerful EIM system, this potential remains untapped. Connecting S3 storage to the nscale server storage layer, for example, makes it possible to use multiple storage adapters, such as SAP ILM, at the same time as S3 storage. In addition, nscale offers impressively low resource consumption and high performance. The option of containerisation brings further benefits. For documents that are already being processed, status and currentness indicators give users a good overview and a smooth flow of information. But it is above all the flexible retention, blocking and deletion periods that make the interplay between the EIM system and S3 storage so valuable, allowing all compliance requirements to be reliably met.

nscale in Anwendung im Webclient

Your benefits at a glance

  • Archiving in the cloud
  • Simultaneous use of multiple storage adapters
  • Application of retention and deletion periods
  • Status and currentness indicator
  • Option of containerisation
  • Minimal resource consumption