Our products grow with your company.

The information platform nscale is a highly integrated and extremely flexible solution that makes data available at the right time, links it to business processes, and provides it to users for exchange of knowledge or discussion.

With the nscale 8 product version, we have taken an innovative step and lifted digital information management to a new level. nscale 8 makes your everyday business even easier. The integrable, web-focused solution facilitates all document-based tasks. Save valuable time and enjoy the new lightness of nscale 8.

Get your company up to speed with digitalisation.

Talk to us. We are happy to advise you and show you what we can make happen.

The software has to work for your company.

Do you want the software to adapt to your company, or vice-versa? That is the central question for your digitalisation strategy. We can offer you three different approaches depending on what you decide. The right one for you depends on the following factors:

  • Available budget
  • Roll-out timeframe
  • Range of functions required
  • Customisation requirements

Our nscale information platform can be adjusted to each of these factors. It is a scalable system, so it can grow in line with your needs.

Our solution brings together and digitalises all your incoming channels – from letters and emails to multi-functional devices.

Good-value solutions that can be implemented fast.

We offer a range of application software solutions that combine the most useful functions with pre-defined processes and structures – plus intuitive user interfaces. The major advantage is that the software can be installed, configured and ready to use in just a few hours.

Comprehensive functions and process optimisation.

Our specialist solutions are perfectly tailored to your business processes and offer you a huge range of functions. These established solutions are the result of many years of experience and unlock the full potential of information management for you.

Everything is possible.

With our highly innovative nscale information platform and 30 years of project experience, we make all your wishes come true. We base everything we do on your needs and requirements. With our expertise and a top-performing team of developers, we work with you to turn your individual ideas into reality.