Simplicity through seamless integration.

nscale and Microsoft 365 for optimum productivity

The right tools encourage easy collaboration

Companies today face a myriad of challenges: internationalisation, remote working and agile market requirements to name just a few. Digital transformation has become a crucial factor for those wanting to succeed in a dynamic, competitive environment. One of the leading tools in this field, Microsoft 365 has become a key infrastructural component at almost every company. But to get the best out of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, these programs need to be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape. That is where nscale comes in. Staff can work with the Microsoft applications as usual, while nscale Office takes care of managing the entire life cycle of all documents. As a result, all the information on a process can be accessed at any time, at the touch of a button. The nscale Office functions can also be accessed directly via the Office command bar. The system therefore provides the ideal foundation for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Word documents and PowerPoint presentations created in seconds

nscale Office offers central Word text block management, allowing staff in specialist departments to compile individual texts quickly and easily Creating employment or purchase contracts, letters and other documents becomes child’s play. And to make sure all the information is available at all times, once created these documents can be stored with the relevant process in nscale with just a few clicks. The same goes for PowerPoint presentations. Storing the most important templates centrally benefits all teams, allowing them to create high-quality slide sets efficiently.

Because Microsoft 365 is integrated into nscale, it is easy for employees from different departments to work together – at any time, wherever they are. Associated nscale workflows can be launched from any Office application, so that everyone involved can work on the relevant documents. Not only does this create streamlined processes – it also reduces pressure on the email system.

Central Office template management in nscale

Office templates are a key communication instrument for many companies – both in internal processes and when communicating with customers. All employees therefore need to be sure that they are always accessing the latest version of every document. Using the conventional Office functions and storing files in departmental folders is simply not reliable enough. nscale Office helps to implement the transparent versioning needed in practice, with all templates stored and managed centrally in the enterprise information management system nscale Office hilft, die notwendige transparente Versionierung praktisch umzusetzen, da alle Vorlagen zentral im Enterprise Information Management gespeichert und verwaltet werden. All the documents are stored in a way that allows every employee to work with them at any time, while the marketing team, for example, can update designs and content centrally for all documents. Permission models that allow each employee the exact access they need and provide the data security required.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Access to all Office documents and files in nscale Office at the touch of a button
  • Unimpeded working, 100% traceability and simple collaboration
  • Easy creation, editing and audit-proof archiving of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from nscale
  • Display and management of metadata, processing history and document versions
  • Access, distribution and storage options in the company network
  • Central template management in nscale
  • Direct application of metadata, text blocks and documents from nscale in Office files