Working together for greater success as a company.

nscale enables simple, flexible collaboration.

Working together is the key to long-term success in business

Innovative companies use digital technologies to prepare for the future and keep up with the agile market requirements of today and tomorrow. The world of business is moving ever further away from paper files and printed documents. But there is still enormous untapped potential in the way teams work together. Processes and the flow of information need to be structured intelligently so that your staff can benefit from smart communication and structured data storage. Being able to exchange information quickly and easily is becoming increasingly important, especially in project-related tasks. As an enterprise information management system with useful collaboration tools, nscale is the ideal solution here.

Professional collaboration enhances staff satisfaction

Storing information centrally in a structured way is essential if teams and the entire company are to be able to work together smoothly. When documents such as contracts are stored in a structured way, all staff with the right permissions can access all the information they need, from emails to contract documents in PDF format to details on contact partners. This provides the ideal basis for efficient collaboration, such as using workflows. Links to the relevant information in emails allow emails to be used as a transport medium, while the document is worked on centrally from the EIM. Thanks to the check-in/check-out function, the EIM guarantees that the document is only processed by one user at a time. The versioning function – standard in nscale – makes it possible to track changes at any time and restore older versions of documents. As well as document links, links to files and folders can also be sent, giving the recipient all the information they need to collaborate efficiently with other users.

nscale Teamspaces

Today, there is an ever greater focus on team-orientated working. Companies increasingly need an area in which to create project-specific group folders dynamically. nscale Teamspaces make it possible to bring people together in a virtual working group even without the system administrator having to assign the individual user rights.

Members of the project group can use information (documents, team calendar, folder structures etc.) freely, without other people being able to view it. Users have the option to create and maintain dynamic group folders independently. nscale Teamspaces are a virtual space, closed to the outside world, and a key pillar of the collaboration options available with nscale. They replace the need for departmental folders, while the additional use of workflows expands the role of department members to allow collaborative, self-managed working. The head of department can add or remove members dynamically.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Central, structured storage of information
  • Documents, communication content and all information required for efficient collaboration quick and easy to find
  • Simultaneous access to files and documents
  • Enhanced collaboration with joint information processing
  • Integration of information into business processes
  • Solution easy to integrate into existing IT systems

With nscale, collaboration runs itself

The collaboration tools in the enterprise information management system allow you to generate numerous advantages for your teams. No longer tied to a particular time or place, collaboration offers enormous flexibility. Working from home, field sales and project work abroad are no longer obstacles. All information is available to everyone involved in real time – transparency that supports efficient working processes in the best possible way. This approach increases productivity, as every employee knows exactly how the relevant process is progressing, who is doing what, which tasks still need to be completed and by when. Searchability is also enhanced, with central data storage allowing teams to find information at the touch of a button. Interfaces to other complementary systems unlock further options and spheres of activity, so that teams can adapt their collaboration to changing requirements in the future, too. nscale provides a reliable technological foundation that grows with the market conditions and is developing for you all the time.